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Moon Spell (The Tale of Lunarmorte, #1) - Samantha Young I'm struggling between two and three stars on this one, and I may change it later. In the first 30%, I repeatedly considered quitting this book, but I'm glad I didn't. It got good. I enjoyed it, but a lot of things bothered me about it too.

My problems were: (1) The pack Alpha turned into a pushover around the main character. Not sexy. (2) We've got pop culture to references to Spiderman and Underworld, but the main character feels the need to run across town, on two separate occasions, in the middle of the night to communicate with folks. And there's a witch who repeatedly travels back and forth between her people and the lykans to pass messages. Where are the mobile phones?! (3) The numerous grammatical errors and typos made me sad. :(

Despite my issues with it, I felt invested in the growing romantic relationship. I'll read the next book.

Before I go, I should add: I really enjoyed the sex scene. It was hot without being explicit, so it was appropriate for a mature YA book. Loved that scene!