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Wicked as They Come (Blud, #1) - Delilah S. Dawson I've lost interest--mostly because the main character, Tish, has no mind of her own. She worries a lot in her head about not being in another relationship (after her divorce) where she is controlled. But she falls right into that with the alpha-male love interest, Criminy. She tells him what she wants, and he decides exactly how to accomplish that without her input. He says jump, and she jumps.

The primary problem with this dynamic is that most of the interesting stuff seems to be happening in Criminy's head. He creates a plan and then gives it to her in bits in pieces. I can't feel tension or excitement because I'm not in Criminy's head. And there's little going on in Tish's head, since she doesn't know what's going on until Criminiy tells her what's what.

As a result, the story ends up being very linear: They go to Point A. They go to Point B. They go to Point C. I can't possibly predict where they'll go next or get excited about it because Tish doesn't have a clue. And at the same time, there's zero mystery, because Criminy has all the answers. When a solution is needed, Criminy presents it. Voila!

To add insult to injury, I'm not at all attracted to Criminy, despite his being the primary love interest. First of all, he's bossy and controlling. Plus, I can't help but imagine him exactly like the guy on the cover, since his description is consistent with that. Although that is a sexy torso, the overall effect is not attractive to me. Kind of cheesy and creepy.

At 66%, I quit. Did not finish.