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Caged View: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Short Stories (Habitat, #0.5) - Kenya Wright 4.5 stars

I enjoyed this very much. But I should say: This is not a book of short stories. In my opinion, a short story has a beginning, a middle, and an end--with a resolution. These "stories" are more of characterizing scenes, mostly based on the characters in Kenya's Fire Baptized novel.

We get to see MeShack's backstory, which was touched on a bit in Fire Baptized. We learn more about Zulu, where he chases down a drug dealer in his fight for Mixbreed equality. We get another taste of Lanore and how she feels about the two guys in her life. It's a fun collection. For folks who haven't read Fire Baptized yet, I think it's a good introduction to the world and to the characters. For folks who have read Fire Baptized, this may tide you over for a bit until the sequel.

The last section of Caged View is an excerpt from Chameleon, an upcoming young adult book set in the Fire Baptized world. For me, this was the best part of the book. I like the idea of a Mixbreed who can change her image to look like different people, and I look forward to seeing where that story will go.