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4.5 stars

We featured this book as our January book of the month on my blog. The joint review/discussion about it is here: http://www.fantasyfloozies.com/2013/02/january-book-of-month-pivot-point-by.html

My primary issues with the book that I didn't get a chance to state on my blog were: (1) After Addie performed the Search and saw that there was a series of murders in both timelines, her choices failed to take into account the lives of the murdered girls. She made zero attempt to save them and focused completely on herself and her loved ones. She could have at least notified someone; she could have tried something. (2) The bad guy was just evil for no reason. He could have accomplished his goal of gaining more abilities for himself without killing the girls.

But the book was unique. I enjoyed it immensely, and I'm so excited that there will be a sequel.