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River God - Wilbur Smith The following is not a helpful review. It's not a review really; it's more of an explanation for my rating.

I read this book, many years ago, because someone told me that it was pretty much the best book ever on the planet. After I read River God, I counted it among my top three favorite books for quite a while. I kind of agreed that it was pretty much the best book ever on the planet--or at least one of the best from the extremely limited selection of said books on the planet that I had actually read. But now, looking back, removed from the situation and barely remembering the book, I think it couldn't have been as great as all that.

I now give it four stars instead of five. I currently recall with (minimal) clarity exactly two events that occurred in River God. If it was not memorable enough for me to recall more than two events in the entire book, then it could not have been as great as I once thought. Could it?