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One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress, #2) - Jeaniene Frost My thoughts on this book are pretty much the same as my thoughts on the first book of this series--except that a touch of the originality was gone because I've met all these characters and situations before. This was a very entertaining book. I liked the characters and the fighting, and the romance was hot. For more details, please see my review of Halfway to the Grave.

One more thing before I end this short review: There was a moment in the big sex scene where I had to go back and reread because I couldn't believe the author had written it. It would make me blush to go into more detail. (I'm sure if you look for more details in some of the other reviews, you will find out what I'm talking about.) Granted, I'm relatively new to any kind of erotica, so I may be a little prudish here. For me, that bit of the scene took a little bit of my enjoyment away; it was too much for me.