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Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3) - Ilona Andrews I read the first book in this series, Magic Bites, because my sister-in-law made me. And by "made," I mean she held me down kicking and screaming as she flipped the pages. I swear it happened just like that! . . . Okay, maybe the "making" part was a bit less literal and a bit more figurative. But still, there was definite internal kicking and screaming going on. In the end, I gave Magic Bites two stars, and I thought that was pretty generous.

Magic Burns was a clear improvement. I gave it four stars, but it really deserved more like three and half.

Magic Strikes, on the other hand, was pretty freakin' great. There was some weird farfetched-ness toward the end of the book with the whole blood-manipulation thing. (I am being purposely vague to avoid spoilers.) But other than that, I was quite pleased with the book.

I got to see more of Jim and Derek in this book. And Curran became downright playful--like a big, scary playful kitty. I just adore him. My primary complaint with respect to the first book in the series is that so many characters were introduced without being fleshed out. There was no focus. Even Kate, the main character, was shrouded in mystery in Magic Bites. In Magic Strikes, on the other hand, more cards were laid on the table. More personalities and origins were revealed, and the characters became real. As much as I hate to admit it, I am really excited about reading the rest of this series.