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Demonglass (Hex Hall, #2) - Rachel Hawkins Be forewarned: This book ends with a cliffhanger. I almost took away a star from my rating for this. (I hate cliffhangers. Argh!) But despite the inelegant ending, this book definitely deserves a higher rating than Hex Hall, to which I gave three stars. So four stars, it is. I wish I had known about the cliffhanger before reading this book. Then I wouldn't have been in shock upon clicking the next-page button on my Kindle and realizing there was no more story. Sad face.

Anyway, Demonglass was definitely better than Hex Hall. It started off slowly. About a quarter of the way through, I was still trying to figure out when the fun would start. There was a good bit of groundwork laid: Sophie goes to England; Sophie meets her Dad; Sophie's relationship with Cal is awkward; Sophie meets the council. It was all necessary stuff, but it got a tad dull. But when the fun starts, it's pretty big fun, at least as compared to Hex Hall. We get to see the Eye up close and personal. Both the Eye and the Council are attempting to strengthen their ranks in preparation for a war. And someone's raising demons! Nobody wants those nasty demons around. (Oh right, Sophie is one!) So there's a war, a mystery, and a love triangle (more on this below).

I enjoyed Sophie's use of magic. She is incredibly powerful but not in much control. It was interesting to be in her head while she attempted to focus her powers. The out-of-control bit is very believable to me. Sophie is a confused teenager who has been lied to about a lot of important things. It makes sense that she would be out of control and more than a little rebellious.

The characterization in Demonglass is an improvement over Hex Hall. I now have a much better idea of what motivates Sophie, Archer, Jenna, and Sophie's Dad. Cal is still a little bit of mystery, but that's fine, because his stoic nature makes him a bit of a mystery to Sophie too. If he were a real person, I think he'd still be a mystery, so I'm okay with his motivations not being laid out on the table.

Now let's talk about the love triangle and, more specifically, Sophie's relationship with Archer. As a reader, I am torn between Archer and Cal. Archer is sexy (according to Sophie) and snarky and seems to relate well to Sophie. Cal, who is Sophie's betrothed, is a caring, hot (according to me), hunk of man, but Sophie does not feel nearly as much chemistry with him as she does with Archer. But as a person living in the real world, I think Sophie is pretty stupid for even considering a relationship with Archer. He was raised in the Eye, and the Eye are his family. It's really not his fault that he feels loyalty to them. This is all true. Blah blah blah. Are you stupid, Child? He is your enemy! He is your family's enemy! I know he's adorably sarcastic, and fun, and super-hot, but sometimes, you have to make the tough decisions. Get over him. I kind of want to slap her. But if anything, Sophie's misguided infatuation with Archer makes the book better because it emphasizes that Sophie is really just a teenager, with normal teenager impulses, who just happens to have a tremendous amount of demon magic at her whim. Hormonal teenager with demon magic . . . We should all tremble in fear.

Very enjoyable. I look forward to the next book.