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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove - David Gaider, Chad Hardin, Alexander Freed I came into this at a disadvantage because I'd never played the video game or learned anything about the Dragon Age world before picking up this book. I enjoyed it, but I imagine I would have enjoyed it more had I been familiar with the world and the characters. I felt like I was thrown into a story somewhere around the midpoint.

Alistair, a king and the main character, is on a quest to find his missing father. He's assisted by a pair of pirates, a fight-happy dwarf and a smart-mouthed lady thief. I got a good feel for all three of these characters' personalities, and I liked all of them. Their dialogue had a touch of humor throughout, which was fun. Even without having the background that many readers will have, I felt that the story line was engaging enough to keep my interest.

The artwork was just lovely! Dynamic images that would have told a story even without the words. In fact, occasional pages didn't have any words, and the image frames themselves did the job of moving the plot forward just beautifully. The artwork had amazing lighting and appealing characters with a wide range of looks. For me, the artwork was the standout aspect of this book.