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Magic Mourns -  Ilona Andrews I just adore Ilona Andrews. They're a phenomenal team with great writing and great ideas. I didn't love this particular installment because it felt like a novel-length story in a novella-length package. The story was just too big, and as a result it seemed rushed.

A body is missing, so Andrea and Raphael hunt it down, battling a humongous three-headed dog along the way. (No spoilers here. You learn this much in the opening scenes.) A navigator of vampires joins the fun, bringing with her a few vamps. Andrea has to stop the navigator. Another monster pops up, and they have to battle that one too. Along the way, we get Andrea's backstory in large blocks of dialog when she confesses her feels to Raphael. And their relationship shifts dramatically in the span of a single scene.

I could handle all that if it was drawn out over a novel. In this novella form, it felt rushed, under-developed, and even unbelievable in how quickly things happened. But I adore this series, and I look forward to reading later installments!