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Iced (Fever, #6; Dani O'Malley, #1) - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 stars

Most of the way through, I planned to give this book three stars. But I loved the last 20% or so, and a good ending leaves me with a good final impressions. So 3.5 stars is more appropriate. But Goodreads only allows solid star ratings, so I'm rounding down.

What I liked:
(1) The Fever world is awesome and fully fleshed out. It was great to go back to it.
(2) The climax scene was awesome. It did a great job of tying together a number of elements that were threaded through the story. It had just the right balance of victory and loss.
(3) Christian MacKeltar. He continues the transition he started at the end of the original Fever series. His POV was wonderful, dark, and conflicted. And sexy.

What I didn't like:
(1) Iced is heavy on the internal monologue. There are entire scenes filled with characters' thoughts and little else. This is dull for me. Further, it puts an emphasis on telling over showing, which . . . is dull for me. I would have preferred action, or at least dialog, to show me all these thoughts. For example, instead of telling me about sexual acts after the fact, give me a damn sex scene. That would have been a lot more interesting.

To top it off, the internal monologue was repetitive. Dani didn't grow as a person throughout the entire book. As a result, her internal monologue is largely the same thoughout. She rambles on and on about how completely and totally Mega she is. It got old.

(2) In the first 40% or so of the book, events of the book are slow and repetitive. Things get iced. At each new incident, Dani and Ryodan investigate. Each icing site is pretty much the same.

(3) I had a serious problem with grown-ass men lusting after 14-year-old Dani. She is totally allowed to think about sex and even to fantasize about these men. But I found it distasteful that grown men hover around Dani, allegedly waiting for her to grow up. Dude, if you're thinking about her that way, that's not "waiting." If you are making sexual suggestions for everyone in the room to laugh at (except Dani, who is oblivious), that is just creepy.

(4) Dani's voice was annoying at first. But I got used to it. All the "fecks" and the "feckings" and repeatedly telling us how awesome she thinks she is. Yes, I get it! She is a kid who is dying to be important in a world that needs heroes. No need to bash me over the head with it.

(5) Ryodan. On top of his being attracted to a 14-year-old (whom he's been watching since she was 9), this guy is just a total ass. He went out of his way to make Dani subservient. On the one hand, he appears to admire her. On the other hand, he breaks her down over and over again. Multiple times, he knowingly and purposely caused her injury. He caged her even though he knows that she has a traumatic history with cages. Plus, he screws women and throws them away, unapologetically.

This guy is not a future love interest for you, Dani. Run. Run now.

(6) Mac and Barrons weren't around nearly enough.