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Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3) - Rachel Hawkins It's another Hex Hall--and that's good. Sophie had the same snarky and oft-inappropriate wit. If you read Demonglass, you know by now that someone's raising demons and just generally causing a ruckus. Spell Bound was more of the same, except now we see the issues in Demonglass get all wrapped up.

There were a few new characters introduced, and I suspect they may be the ones featured in the spin-off series that I understand is in the works. The new characters seemed okay. Didn't love them. Didn't hate them. Frankly, I didn't get to know enough about them to care that much. When two of their lives were in danger, I was kind of . . . meh.

Frankly, a lot about this book fell flat. Where was the suspense? Even though Sophie had a lot to accomplish, everything seemed to happen for her pretty easily. For me, this was certainly not an edge-of-my-seat kind of book.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed most of it. If I don't sound all that enthusiastic about it, that's because I did not appreciate the ending. I mean, there was a cool battle scene with the demons that we kind of half got to see. I wanted to see more of it, but I suspect that Hawkins is just not a big action-scene writer. Or maybe she just made the decision that it simply wouldn't enhance the story (in which case, I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with her).

I was not pleased with the resolution of the love triangle. And the big loser in the love didn't have any kind of ending that I would have liked for him.

In summary: Sure, I liked the book. But I'm mad at it right now. A few things about it bothered me, but it was a fun ride nonetheless.