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Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, #2) - Darynda Jones About the first book in this series, First Grave on the Right, I said: "The plot was mediocre. The only sufficiently developed character was the main character. There was nothing outstanding about the author's writing style. And yet . . . First Grave on the Right is an outstanding book. It's kind of like one of those movies that the critics might hate, but screw the critics, cause it's awesome. I easily give it five stars. I was thoroughly entertained. Bravo."

Despite its flaws, I gave First Grave five stars for pure entertainment value. In this sequel, Second Grave on the Left, not much has changed--except that I was not nearly as entertained. The plot was again mediocre. Again, no secondary characters were sufficiently developed. And again, the POV character Charley made a steady stream of joke after joke after joke in her head. It got old fast. The jokes were great in the first book, but they were tired and unoriginal in the second book.

Second Grave had two primary plot threads. In the first, Charley helped her friend Cookie unravel a series of murders that appeared to be related to Mimi, a missing friend of Cookie's. In the second thread, Charley tried to find Reyes's corporeal body. (For those of you who haven't read the first book, I'll not give too much away. Let's just say that Reyes is a supernatural being who can escape his corporeal body.)

Both plot threads dragged on long past when they should have been tied up. Charley repeatedly interviewed people about the murders and about Mimi. None of the interviews actually helped Charley find Mimi. Similarly, Charley interviewed a few people about Reyes--which also failed to be helpful in any way. In the end, Charley found Mimi and Reyes's body through little more than her own cleverness. So what was the point of all the interviews?

The book did have some entertainment value, so I'm giving it three stars. After having read First Grave, I was super-excited about reading Second Grave. I preordered this book! Now, after having read it, I will probably read the third book in the series after it is released, but I'm in no hurry to do so. Overall, I was disappointed with Second Grave on the Left.