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Some Girls Bite  - Chloe Neill 3.5 stars

Having only recently (i.e., about six months ago) been introduced to urban fantasy, I haven't exactly read a truckload full of books of that genre. But I have read quite a few that seem to be deemed "good" by a large portion of Goodreads members. Unfortunately, a significant portion of urban fantasy novels that I have read consist of a kick-ass female, a hot male love interest of the supernatural kind, various ass-kicking encounters involving said kick-ass female, and said kick-ass female's reluctance to become romantically involved with said hot male love interest for no apparent reason except that he fails to fit in with her ass-kicking lifestyle.

In my humble opinion, Some Girls Bite is a solid urban fantasy novel. In some ways, it fits the mold, and in other ways it breaks the mold. It fits the mold in its inclusion of a hot male love interest (two hot male love interests, actually). It stretches the mold in that Merit is not entirely kick-ass in the usual sense. She is learning how to be a fighter, but for now, she's just faking it in an entertaining fashion. Some Girls Bite breaks the mold in that Merit is reluctant hero (with a number of respectable similarities to Mac of the Fever series). She does not want to be a vampire, and she is just learning how to deal. It also breaks the mold in that Merit has actual, articulated, and reasonable reasons for her reluctance to become romantically involved with said hot male love interests.

In short, I believe that Merit could be a real-live person. She has reasonable desires and she takes reasonable actions. I get her. I like her. I can relate to her, despite her being a vampire.

P.S. I hate the cover. A lot.