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The Warlord Wants Forever  - Kresley Cole This was a quick and enjoyable read, although I wouldn't label it as being high quality. There was great chemistry between the main characters, and I enjoyed how the narration switched between their points of view. It was like a paranormal he-said/she-said.

My primary problem with the story is that the characters were unbelievable. Wroth is vampiric warlord who falls desperately in love with Myst pretty much at first sight. He spends the entire book chasing her and fawning all over her. I wanted to scream at him, "Where's your spine warlord? Have some pride." Myst is a kick-ass valkyrie who also falls in love pretty much at first sight, but she feels the need to run away from Wroth over and over for various reasons. Not exactly an original story line.

In addition to the lacking of originality, I was also annoyed by the fact that, at one minute, Myst runs from Wroth because he wants to possess her--instead of letting her choose to be with him. And then the next minute, she adores him because he takes control of her. And there's never any recognition that this is a complete one-eighty. Which is it, woman?

But I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a fun, light read with good sex scenes.