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It could be that my rating here is unfair, because it is largely based on the fact the book strayed far from my expectations. Maybe it's my expectations that were flawed. But my rating represents my own personal truth, and sometimes the truth is unfair.

My prior experience with Larissa Ione is only the Demonica series, which rocks in oh-so many ways. I was originally hesitant to read Demonica because of the cheesy titles and half-naked people on the covers. Until very recently, I had never read any kind of explicit sex in a novel. It's still kind of new to me--but I'm not complaining! Demonica includes great characters, great action, and good stories. There's just a lot to enjoy there. This story . . . not so much.

I expected this short story to be more like Demonica. I expected action and sex. Maybe I expected too much; it is only a little short story after all. There was sex in this story. Although there was a supernatural element, the story could have been written almost exactly the same without anything being supernatural. So although this is a dark fantasy book, it was really just a sex book. Frankly, it was too much for my little self to handle.