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Magic Bites  - Ilona Andrews This book had a lot of interesting characters, but it seemed unfocused. The book felt like the first installment in a series (which it is), in that a bunch of characters were introduced but had no real impact on the story. The main character Kate is still a mystery, as the author likely intended her to be. I still do not know her motivations or her background. Unfortunately, as a result, I did not connect with Kate or really care about her survival. Frankly, I was much more concerned with the survival of Curran, one of the secondary characters.

I have it on good authority that other books in this series are better, so I will probably give the series another shot in the future. And I do want to see more of Curran!

Update: I have now finished books two and three of this series, and I am pleased that I continued reading. The second book was good, and the third book was pretty great. Curran is my boyfriend!