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This was a wonderful, quick, original story. The main character, Stephen, has a unique condition. he has hallucinations of various other people--his "aspects." Each of his aspects has its own personality and skill set--skill sets that Stephen doesn't have on his own. With his aspects in tow, Stephen has a huge range of skills.

When Monica (not an aspect) tells Stephen she had a camera that could see into the future, and her camera was stolen, she and Stephen go on a journey to recover it. Along the way, we see Stephen's aspects in action, which is pretty cool. The aspects especially come in handy when Stephen needs to learn new skills, and when he's held captive.

I think the most fascinating thing about this story is the original concept. In such a short story, that concept is enough. The plot itself doesn't have much meat to it, but that's just fine. It works as a novella.