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The Crown Conspiracy (The Riyria Revelations, #1) - Michael J. Sullivan This was really more an adventure book than a fantasy book. We've got two wrongly accused and highly skilled thieves, who are unwittingly wrapped up in a conspiracy, and who have these nasty consciences that seem to get them into trouble. It's not a new concept. But the book is a lot of fun nonetheless. It starts with a thieving job, goes directly into another job, a murder, and then the two main characters are suddenly mixed up in a royal conspiracy. This book is certainly not boring, as it is full of scene after scene after scene of action.

I might have liked this book better if it were longer, allowing the characters to be more fully developed in the midst of the action, and perhaps spending more time on the relationship between one of thieves and his girlfriend. The girlfriend was an interesting lady, of whom I did not see nearly enough. And I think I feel a little cheated at having experienced such a wonderful adventure without nearly enough romance. The story seems less fantastical without love having been an issue at all. In some ways, The Crown Conspiracy feels like a movie-adaptation of a book--abbreviated. All the good action remains, but I missed out on the character development and side stories.

Although this book is the first in a series of six, it stands alone. I am no hurry to read the second book, but I will definitely get around to it eventually.