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Fire Baptized (Santeria Habitat, #1) - Kenya Wright Fire Baptized is an action-packed, sexy, murder mystery. There wasn't a moment in the book when I wasn't completely engaged. Lanore commanded my attention.

The habitat is is a caged space where humans force supernaturals to live. Lanore is a Mixbreed, born of two different supernatural species. Like other Mixbreeds, she is an outcast among supernaturals, even within a city full of supernaturals cast out of the human world. As you can see from the cover art, Lanore's power is pyrokinesis. She creates and controls fire with her body.

The first chapter is one large action sequence, which will appeal to you action lovers out there. Personally, I would have preferred a little time to breathe, but some might say that breathing is a bit overrated.

Lanore witnesses a bloody murder committed by a supernatural killer. The bulk of the book is dedicated to Lanore's investigating the murder mystery. There are so many things that are fun about this book. It's an old-fashioned murder mystery with a new twist, and the primary investigator is a witty, fire-throwing rebel with two sexy guys close at her heels. Speaking of the guys, there are a couple of hot romantic moments in here, which definitely ups the fun the level yet another notch.

An exciting read, yes, but this book also touches some serious issues. There's the whole bloody murder thing and chopped up body parts. But there are also issues of equality among members of humanity (or . . . um, supernaturals). The world that Kenya has created is full and complex, where Purebloods rule and Mixies sit in the back of clubs and use Mixbreed-designated restrooms. I'm excited for the next book, to see what else will happen in this amazing world.

Read this book or Lanore will set you on fire.
(You may have to read it to get that joke.)