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Only The Lonely - Susan Gabriel I don't usually read paranormal romance, and I kind of feel like now I need cigarette. Oh wait, I don't smoke!

Although the description of this book suggested to me that this is an urban fantasy book, the romance and sex scenes definitely overshadowed the action. The action scenes were also good but fewer and farther between. That was fine with me though, because I quite enjoyed the steaminess. The author has a way with words and painted beautiful images . . . of many things.

I especially enjoyed the commercials. The protagonist is a late-night radio talk show host, and her sponsors are of the adult-only nature. Some of the product names and sponsor spots were outrageous!

I'm giving this book only three stars because (1) I would have liked a bit more action; (2) there was some serious cheesiness going on at some points, which made it difficult for me to take the book seriously; and (3) I found myself distracted by the author's frequent misuse of the word "which." Although I am a strong supporter of occasionally defying the rules of grammar in the name of creative writing, in this case, it was just distracting for me. And I'm not sure this was so much defiance as just incorrectness.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, with all its steaminess.